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Real Estate in Georgia

If you want to fulfill all real estate affairs, including buying, selling, mortgaging and renting any kind of real estate, including land, villas, apartments, commercial and office, you can use first and biggest search engine of Georgian real estate and educational texts on this site. Also you can use free advice from our real estate experts.

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A collection of the best real estate in Georgia

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Investing in Georgia

If you are planning to invest abroad, the issue of investing in Georgia as a country with high potential as well as excellent social and economic security has come to the attention of many investors around the world in recent years. To do this, you need the right information and the support of a good consulting team. On this site you can get good information about investing in Georgia and also benefit from the free advice of our experts.

Permanent residence investment

Those who intend to obtain permanent residence in Georgia can easily and in the shortest possible time, by investing only three hundred thousand US dollars in real estate or starting a business, receive this residence for themselves and their families, and from social and economic security. Enjoy peace, freedom and a good climate.

اقامت دایم

Buying property Residence

By buying a property worth only one hundred thousand US dollars, in addition to a safe foreign exchange investment, you can easily and in less than twenty days get a stay in Georgia for yourself and all your family members and enjoy freedom, peace, security and water. Enjoy the good weather.

Educational Residence

Obtaining a study residence is one of the easiest and shortest ways to obtain a residence permit in Georgia. Students can study in Georgian schools and universities for less than 20 days to stay in Georgia for themselves and their family members..

Work permit residence

To get a work permit from Georgia, you must work in a company(others or your own company) which can have conditions and with preparing documents you can apply and get temporary residence easily and after that apply for your family memebers.

Interior design and execution of the building

Considering that many people in this country buy houses that need interior design and execution, and one of the main concerns of these people is to choose a reputable and expert company in this field that can do their job safely. Easy to leave to them, by reading the contents of the site, you can get better information about this issue and benefit from the free advice of our experts..

The latest real estate ads in Georgia

Furnished flat with 2 bedrooms at Mindeli street

Apartment for sale on Mindeli Street, near Jikia. Donna Palace. 2 bedrooms. 122 Square meter. At 14th floor

Apartment for sale at Nutsubidze street with one bedroom

Apartment for sale on Nutsubidze Street, 6th floor, 69.2 Square meter, 1 bedroom.

2 Bedroom furnished Flat at Marshal Gelovani street

Apartment for sale at Marshal Gelovani. 2 Bedrooms, 90 Square meter, 14th floor

two bedroom apartment for sale at marshal gelovani street

Apartment for sale at marshal gelovani street, sarajishvili and aghmashenebeli cross. 3th floor 65 quarter meter. 2 bedrooms

Three bedroom furnished apartment at Marshal Gelovani street

Flat for sale at Marshal Gelovani, ecometer tower. 3 bedrooms, 21th floor, 96 quarter meter, furnished.

Four bedrooms apartment for sale at Tbilisi Gardens

Apartment for sale at Tbilisi Gardens. 2 floor 25th and 26th, 4 bedrooms.in total 212 quarter meter.

Flat for Rent (Saburtalo)

Flat for rent at saburtalo, kartozia street. 2 bedrooms, 14th floor, 90 quarter meter. furnished

Furnished flat for rent at Gagarini

Flat for rent at Gagarini street. 60 quarter meter. 3th floor. Furnished.

White frame flat for sale at Onashvili street with 2 bedrooms

Flat for sale at Onashvili street, with 2 bedrooms. 6th floor . In total 66.1 quarter meter. White frame.