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about sisno group
Sisno Group started its work with real estate consulting services at the beginning of 2018, and with the launch of Georgia's real estate search engine in multi language, it took a big step to provide accurate information to foreigners, and this issue caused the trust of many people in a short time. To attract. After a short time, at the request of the company's customers who were looking for a trusted team to do their legal affairs, we completed the legal department and lawyers to set up the company's legal department to provide immigration and registration services.

About six months after the launch of the real estate consulting department, the company's customers, who had purchased a large number of properties from our company in internal unprepared conditions, were looking for a professional and trusted team to entrust the design and interior design of their buildings. Despite the presence of one of the main members of the company who had 12 years of brilliant experience in the design and construction of buildings in the UAE, we decided to gather a professional team to serve our customers, and this led to the emergence of this part of the company. ..

Currently, Sisno Group Holding is ready to provide services to its customers internationally to people with English, Arabic and Russian and persian languages ​​in the fields of real estate, immigration and registration services, interior design and execution of buildings and hotels. It can be easily announced that the growth of this collection and its transformation from a single-purpose company to a successful holding in two years is due to the love and trust of our dear customers along with the efforts of the collection managers and company partners, and finally to this We are proud that we have the honor of serving you.


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