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archi kavataradze project


About company:

The company was founded in 2006 and as one of the leading companies in the construction industry was able to quickly establish its name among the top 5 companies in construction. The company covered not only the capital Tbilisi but also Georgia's popular mountain and sea resorts. In addition, Archi has begun construction of the first Ytong block plant in Georgia with the participation of the German company XELLA. The plant will produce efficient and refractory building blocks. The investment amount of the project is over 15 million dollars. All Archi projects are funded by foreign investment, and as a result, Archi apartments are always delivered to their owners on schedule.

archi kavataradze project

completed Project:

Archi has 29 completed residential projects with a total area of ​​520,000 square meters in its portfolio. The company is currently building 20 more residential buildings in almost all areas of Tbilisi. In addition, 10 more projects are planned to be added to the long list of Archi projects in the near future.

archi kavataradze project

under construction project:

Archi Kavtaradze is located on Shashiashvili Street. This is the first multi-purpose residential complex on Kautaradze Street. This 16-storey complex includes 117 apartments built with high quality materials. This project will be delivered to customers in April 2022.

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Project features and facilities

  • 1 - High quality schools and kindergartens near the project site
  • 2- Covered parking
  • 3 - Children's playground
  • 4 - Proximity to commercial complexes
    • 5 - Parking for guests
    • 6 - 24 hour security
    • 7 - Cleaning the yard, elevators, corridors and maintenance of green space
    • 8 - All units are now delivered with White Plus along with electrical wiring and plumbing.
archi kavataradze project

New technology blocks have been used to reduce energy consumption by German manufacturer Ytong in this building. Low-consumption blocks can effectively save energy - reducing heating costs in winter and keeping the air cool in summer without ventilation. In addition, Caparol decorative bricks and Alucobond cladding enhance the exterior of the building.

Outside the building, there is a parking lot for residents and guests so that along with 1500 square meters of green space and children's play area, they can experience memorable moments.

archi kavataradze project

Project location: A great location for Archi Kavtaradze - Located at 1 Shashiavili Street, 10 minutes from Vazha-Pshavela Metro Station, City Mall. In addition, there are a number of schools, sports stadiums and restaurants near the complex. The distance to Tbilisi International Airport is about 45 minutes and to Azadi Square is about 25 minutes.

Prices in this project for completed units start from $ 886 per square meter and vary depending on the floor and the type of view of the units to the outside space.

archi kavataradze project

payment methods:

- If you buy in cash, you can benefit from the company's excellent discounts.

- You can become the owner of your dream house by paying only 20% as an advance payment and the rest until the end of the construction operation in the middle of 2022 on a monthly basis and with interest-free installments.

Area and plans of apartments: In this project, there are apartments from 53 square meters to 100 square meters.

archi kavataradze project
archi kavataradze project
archi kavataradze project
archi kavataradze project
archi kavataradze project

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