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The city of Batumi (Georgia's second largest city) is located in the southeastern tip of Georgia on the Black Sea coast and borders Turkey. Indeed, Batumi should be called the bride of the Black Sea and it has many tourist attractions, which we will introduce in the following..


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Activities in Batumi

Batumi Beach Boulevard :

This beautiful boulevard, which is equipped with a walking and cycling route, continues along the length of the city from the statues of Ali and Nino to near the airport (about 6 km). Tourists can rent a variety of bicycles or electric motorcycles at any time of the day or night from the Alphabet Tower for hours to explore the beautiful Black Sea coast. There are cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and a variety of markets all the way.

ali and nino sculpture

Statue of Ali and Nino :

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful view of the Black Sea coast in Batumi is the statue of Ali and Nino. This statue is 8 meters high and is located near the famous Batumi carousel. Ali and Nino lived during World War I, Ali Shirvashir was a Muslim boy from Azerbaijan and Nino Kipiani was a Christian girl from Georgia. The two were in love with each other, but because they had different religions, they were never allowed to marry each other, and in the end, both of them died of grief.In 1937, the Azerbaijani writer Ghorban Saeed wrote the story of this failed love, and in 2016, a film was made about this failed love. The statue was built in 2010 by prominent Georgian architect Tamar Kvesitadze, and the two characters are designed to rotate around an axis, coming together every 10 minutes. This statue is in fact a symbol of all failed loves.

batumi black sea beach

Europe Square :

Batumi's attractions are not limited to the sea or its new, soaring buildings, its best buildings date back to the 19th century, when Batumi or Batumi was a free trade port and oil trade route to Europe. In the heart of Batumi, there is a square (open space) surrounded by buildings with beautiful European architecture and astronomical clocks, and in the middle of the square is a statue of a woman named Media holding a golden wool. Walking in the area of ​​this square, you will find the feeling of walking in the streets of Milan, Italy. This square also has beautiful lighting at night.

water advanture in batumi

Alphabet Tower :

Batumi is a city of skyscrapers and tall buildings, and the Alphabet Tower is one of them. This tower symbolizes the unity of the Georgian alphabet and the people of Georgia. The tower is located near the statue of Ali and Nino and is another symbol of Batumi. The 130-meter-high tower is built in the shape of a human DNA structure with 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet displayed on DNA strands. Each of these letters is 4 meters long and is made of aluminum. Tourists can take the elevator to the top of the tower and sit on top to see the unique scenery of Batumi.

Chacha Tower in batumi

Chacha Tower :

In the vicinity of the Alphabet Tower and the statue of Ali and Nino, there is an amazing symbol called the Chacha Tower. It is actually made to be a Chacha fountain (Chacha is a Georgian alcoholic beverage). The fountain apparently operates 15 minutes a week.


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Batumi cable car :

The Batumi cable car complex was built in 2012 and is the most visited place for tourists in Batumi. The length of the cable car is 2.5 km and it rises to a height of 252 meters above sea level and takes you to the highest point of the city. From there you can see the whole city under your feet and enjoy the view of the sea and the city at the same time and take photos. At the top of the hill there is a church to visit and a restaurant cafe to buy food and rest.

batumi cable car

Batumi Botanical Garden :

Batumi Botanical Garden is located 9 km from the center of Batumi. The area of ​​this garden is 108 hectares and it has about 1 km of coastal border with the Black Sea. The height of this garden is between zero and 220 meters above sea level. The Batumi Botanical Garden was founded in 1912 in honor of Russian professor, geographer and botanist Andrei Krasnov. This garden consists of more than 1800 species of flowers and plants from all over the world. Since 1998, this garden has been a member of the International Botanical Gardens. In this garden, services such as guidance, camping, picnic, wedding services and sale of decorative plants are provided to visitors.

cafe bar in batumi

Dolphin park :

The Dolphin Park complex in Batumi is another unique attraction of this city and Georgia. This place has a beautiful show including dancing and kissing and hugging dolphins in three languages: Georgian language , Russian and English. Eight dolphins named Monica, Flippery, Zorro, Maya, Sitsi, Kai, Nini and Quiria live and perform in this series with their two children. Grab and play. .

dolphin park batumi

Beautiful beaches of Batumi:

Every year, many domestic and foreign tourists from all over the world and the country travel to Batumi to enjoy and sunbathe on the shores of the Black Sea. About 7 km of rocky beach with fine stones and facilities such as beds and canopies for sunbathing Placed. By renting a bed and an awning along the beautiful shore of the Black Sea, you can watch the endless expanse of the sea and even the beautiful sunset for hours with a drink.

park complex in batumi

Water entertainment:

If you are into water excitement and fun, Batumi is the best option for you. Jet skiing, scuba diving, boating, and parasailing are some of the water sports in Batumi that can be easily reached along the beach in Batumi..

water sport in batumi
jet ski in batumi

Batumi restaurants :

Batumi has several restaurants that serve a variety of menus, including seafood, local and traditional Georgian food, international cuisine, Turkish cuisine, a variety of authentic fast foods are ready to serve people. Everywhere in the city you can easily Depending on your taste, find the restaurant you want and enjoy delicious food.

Frequently asked questions about Batumi
1 In which part of the city is the Batumi Botanical Garden located?

At a distance of 9 km from the center of Batumi

2 Is Batumi a tourist city?

Yes, this city, a combination of forest and sea, along with beautiful buildings and many tourist attractions, is very attractive for tourists.

3 Is Batumi City suitable for living?

Batumi, as the second tourist city of Georgia, has many facilities and can be a good option for living.


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