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Company accounting in Georgia

Accounting in Georgia

Company Accounting in Georgia

Accounting in the minds of the general public and business owners is always divided into two categories: current company accounting in georgia and tax accounting. In this article, we are going to talk about the reason for the importance and role of tax accountants in Georgian businesses. In Georgia, as in European and American countries, tax management is very important because business cash and non-cash transactions are recorded online in the tax administration system, as well as tax calculations and monthly payments, so it can be said that The presence of a tax accountant, who can also be called a tax advisor, is very important in any business.

Accounting in Georgia

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Company Accounting in Georgia

Note that the presence of an company accountant in georgia is not mandatory by law, but due to the existence of tasks such as sorting the list of personnel salaries and taxes, sorting VAT and inputs and expenses of the Kurds in the tax administration system as It's done on a monthly basis, so it's impossible to do it without an accountant, so if you're careful, that's why all businesses in Georgia have an accountant.

Company Accounting in Georgia

An accountant can be active in your company full-time and in addition to current company accounting in georgia, he can also pay you tax accounting, but most companies use part-time tax accountants, depending on the company's workload, from several times a week to once a month. The company attends and arranges the accounts in the tax administration system.

Company Accounting in Georgia

Accounting salaries in Georgia that do your work part-time completely depend on the workload of the company and the level of presence of the person in the company and the experience, reputation and ability of the accountant, which for each company starts from at least 500 GEL per month and goes up to more than It costs 2,000 GEL.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Company Accounting in Georgia

1 Is it necessary for the company to have an accountant in Georgia?

Accountants in Georgia are not required by law by companies, but it is impossible to arrange payroll, VAT, income and expenses in the tax management system without an accountant.

2 Why is having an accountant in Georgia important to companies?

Georgia, like European and American countries, is very important in tax administration, and online cash and cashless business transactions are recorded in the tax administration system.

3 What are the salaries of tax accountants in Georgia?

The salary of a tax accountant in Georgia who work part time, depends on the workload of the company, the need for the accountant person in the company, the accountant’s background, reputation and ability, which starts from at least 300 GEL per month for each company and sometimes reaches more than 2000 GEL.

4 How is tax calculated in Georgia?

The business is registered online in the tax management system and also taxes are calculated and paid monthly.

5 How is corporate income tax calculated?

In the event of a personal withdrawal from the company's profits, you must pay 20% of the amount withdrawn as tax

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