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Company registration in Georgia

Company registration in Georgia

Company registration in Georgia

Georgia has had the highest economic growth in the region in the past few years, ranking sixth in the world for the best investment opportunities in the World Bank's view, as well as Georgia's third largest in terms of ease of doing business and twelfth in trade. It has a free world and due to the good conditions of this country in international political, Company registration in Georgia and trade relations as well as extremely high social and economic security along with the good treatment of its people with foreign nationals, the attention of many investors and those interested in launching businesses and registration company in Georgia.

company register in georgia

Types of investment methods in Georgia

More than 90 percent of economic activity in the country requires company registration in georgia. You can get company registration licenses anywhere in the country, even small cities. Business ownership in Georgia is 100% for foreigners, and you do not need to have a Georgian to be a member of your business. Since the most popular type of company registation in Georgia is a limited liability company, first we will introduce it in full and at the end we will give a brief explanation about other companies.

Limited Liability Company (LLC):

In Georgia, more than 95% of companies are of this type, and you need at least one shareholder to register the company, who can also be the CEO. Given that the difference between the types of companies in the place of supply and how to meet the obligations, the registration of a limited liability company in Georgia is the most popular company registration in georgia because the CEO of the company, if necessary, to meet the obligation or debt, Only the shareholders' assets in the company are allowed to withdraw, and the shareholders have no obligation to pay from their personal property.

Documents required for limited liability company registration in Georgia:

  • 1

    The presence of shareholders with the original passport

  • 2

    Official translation of passport for shareholders' in Georgian language (done in Georgia)

  • 3

    Formulation of the company's official articles of association in Georgian and English languages (regulated by Sisno Group lawyers)

Company registration process in Georgia:

After visiting the office of Cisno Group for free consultation, if you want to register a company in Georgia, together with a lawyer, prepare the company's articles of association and chart and complete the relevant forms, and at the same time shareholders' passports are sent to official translation offices. Translate into Georgian and after preparing the documents and completing the forms, which takes about half a day, go to the Public Services Office with a lawyer, and after taking the turn, sign the documents and submit an application to the Public Services Office. Then we pay the government fees related to the registration of the company in Georgia.

After preparing the company registration permit in Georgia, after 24 working hours, the first thing to do is to go to the tax office to get the tax code for the company, which in this stage, our experts will accompany you, and this work is less It takes time from noon.

The next step is tax advice. When you want to activate your company, a free consultation session with a certified public accountant will be arranged for you so that you can get information about taxes and accounting in Georgia, after which you can hire a chartered accountant and Get a tax machine.

Company registration in Georgia

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How much does it cost to register a company in Georgia and what services does it include?

The legal department of Sisno Group, with the help of experienced lawyers in legal affairs, does all the work related to the registration of the company with only 300 US dollars, which includes the following:

  • 1

    Business startup consultation

  • 2

    Set up a formal statute

  • 3

    Carrying out matters related to company registration in georgia

  • 4

    Registration with the tax office and obtaining a tax code

  • 5

    Introduce to the accountant to receive free tax advice

  • 6

    Consulting and accompanying in receiving the tax machine (aparat)

  • 7

    Pay all government expenses

We reiterate that you do not need to pay any additional fees more than $ 300, which includes all government payments, attorney's fees, and company profits. Important Note: company registration in Georgia, while having very small tips that are important to follow, is not a complicated task, so please beware of profiteers who want to fool you to get extra money.
Company registration in Georgia

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Brief description of the types of companies in Georgia:

Individual Entrepreneur:

In this case, which is related to the activities of the real person, there is no payment of salary or contract to transfer to another person. For example, an accountant who does official accounting for one or more companies can do this if he does all the work himself and receives a salary for it, but if the same accountant wants to do some of his work to other people. Transfer and pay them must Company registration in Georgia.

Company registration in Georgia

Limited Partnership:

Limited partnership means that in this company the shareholders are divided into two categories of so-called full shareholders and limited shareholders, and the company must have at least one full shareholder to register. As I explained earlier, the main difference between companies is in dealing with liabilities. In this type of company, the full shareholder is liable for the company's liabilities in addition to the company's assets from his personal assets, but the limited shareholder is only liable for his liabilities. The company is responsible.

Company registration in Georgia

3. Joint Stock Company:

This company, which is very difficult to register at first for a start-up group, is a large company with high capital, which is generally listed on the stock market and is the responsibility of shareholders in. It is only with the company's assets.

Company registration in Georgia

General Partnership (GP):

is exactly the same as LLC, except that shareholders are liable for personal liabilities in addition to the company's assets.

Company registration in Georgia

Cooperative group:

This group, which is not considered a Company registration in Georgia, is basically a group of people who have come together to do a job and a goal. For example, there is a group of people who own a land and want to find a builder for their land who will build a part for them and keep the rest for themselves. This group is called cooperation.

register company in Georgia

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