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Georgia Residence by study in schools

Georgia Residence by study in schools

Georgia Residence by study in schools

One way to get a residence permit in Georgia is to get a school student residence permit in Georgia.

Anyone studying at centers approved by the Georgian Ministry of Education can receive temporary Georgia Residence by study in schools  Students benefit from a similar type of accommodation, but differ slightly in the steps and documentation, which we will discuss below.

Georgia is one of the best countries in the world to study and has provided comprehensive facilities for students to study in Georgia. Education standards in this country are set in accordance with EU educational standards, while Georgia is much cheaper in terms of tuition and living costs than other European countries. If you are looking to educate your children abroad for a number of reasons, you can also pay special attention to Georgia.

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advantages of studying in Georgia can be listed as follows:

  • 1

    High educational quality and in accordance with EU standards

  • 2

    Multilingual schools and the possibility of continuing education in other countries

  • 3

    Authoritative and acceptable educational documents for Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and ...

  • 4

    Very low and appropriate tuition

  • 5

    The cost of living is very low and reasonable

  • 6

    The presence of a large number of foreign students from all over the world in Georgia

  • 7

    Very high social security (the sixth safest tourist destination in the world).

  • 8

    The kind and hospitable attitude of the native people of Georgia towards foreigners, especially students

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If you are looking to study in Georgian schools, you should first know that the classification of school courses in this country is as follows:

Elementary 6 years; age level 6 to 12 years

Base 3 years; age level 12 to 15 years

Secondary school 3 years; age level 15 to 18 years

Tuition fees in Georgia

Schools in this country are divided into public and private.

Required documents for enrolling foreign students in Georgian schools

  • 1

    Student birth certificate

  • 2

    Degree of acceptance of the last degree

  • 3

    Copy of student passport

  • 4

    Copy of one of the parents' passports

It should be noted that some schools also have an entrance interview for registration, which is done privately by the school's educational expert  in the presence of the parents.

The documents required to get Georgia residence by study in schools (private and public) are as follows:

  • 1

    Presence of the applicant with original passport

  • 2

    cmpleted form by lawyer

  • 3

    Original passport - Translation of the passport into Georgian (prepared in Georgia)

  • 4

    Certificate of no criminal record from the embassy of the country issuing the passport (for people 14 years and older)

  • 5

    School certificate issued by the school

  • 6

    Certificate of financial proof (bank account report or legal receipt of one of the parents)

  • 7

    Having at least 40 days of visa time

After receiving a student residence permit in Georgia through a student, it is also possible to receive a Georgian residence permit for the parents.

The steps to get Georgia residence by study in schools

After completing the registration process at the university, SisnoGroup's  lawyers, appliing for a certificate from the university and then going to the bank to open a bank account for the student to be able to put enough money in it and prepare a bank inventory report. This is because the documents required to obtain a study permit in Georgia must provide proof of financial viability. After the documents are completed and the relevant forms are completed by the lawyers, we refer to the Public Services Department and register our residency application. Like other residencies, we can choose the answer to our choice after 30 days by paying 210 GEL, After 20 days, we will receive 330 lari and after 10 days we will receive 410 lari.

Georgian study residency for students
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After receiving a positive answer, we return to the Public Services Department together with the company's lawyer to request the issuance of a card, so that the residence card can be prepared after 10 working days.

If you need advice and answers to your questions about study in Georgia after reading this text, our experts are here to provide you with free advice.
Frequently asked questions about Georgia Residence by study in schools
1 How long does it take for students to complete documents for student residence permit for schools in Georgia?

It takes about three working days to complete the documents

2 If there are less than forty days left of the visa, how do you apply for a student residence permit in Georgia?

One solution is to apply for a visa for a period of time from the immigration office, the other way is to leave the country and return.

3 Can parents obtain residency in Georgia?

Yes, parents can also apply for residency, if the child obtained residency by studying in Georgia.

4 Is it possible to attend school without the approval of the Ministry of Education?

No, student data is required to be registered with the Ministry of Education in order to obtain the student code.

If you have any questions after reading the text, our experts are ready to provide a free consultation.