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Georgia Residence by study in schools

Georgia Residence by study in schools

Georgia Residence by study in schools

Obtaining Georgia study residency for students is one of the best ways to obtain Georgia residency for children of school age as well as their parents. Any person who is studying in schools approved by the Ministry of Education of Georgia can receive Georgia's educational residence for students during their studies.

Georgia is one of the best neighbouring countries for students' education and provides comprehensive facilities for students' education along with very reasonable costs, which are growing every day. Education and training standards in this country have been developed in accordance with the European Union educational standards; while Georgia is much more affordable than other European countries in terms of the cost of education and the cost of living. If you are looking for your children's education abroad, you can also pay special attention to Georgia study residency for students for several reasons that we will mention below. In this article, we are going to check how to get Georgia study residency for students and their family members.

Georgia Residence by study in schools

Documents required to obtain Georgia study residency for students

  • 1

    Completed student residence application form

  • 2

    The presence of the applicant along with the passport and its translation into Georgian

  • 3

    Clean record certificate from the country (for people 14 years old and above)

  • 4

    At least 40 days until the time of visa application

  • 5

    The evidence of financial proof (bank account statement or pay slip of one of the parents)

  • 6

    Educational certificate issued by the school

  • 7

    The certificate of parentage of child and parents

  • 8

    The translation of the student's birth certificate into Georgian

Steps for school registration and obtaining Georgia Residence by study in schools

After referring to SisnoGroup Company and obtaining free advice for school registration and obtaining Georgia residence by study in schools from experienced experts, according to the family's annual budget for children's education in Georgia, necessary arrangements were made for school visits and parents He went to visit the schools with the child along with the expert so that the parents can see the Georgian schools closely and compare with each other and make the best choice. After choosing the school, it is time to submit the documents required for registration that we mentioned above. After preparing the initial contract, our experts deliver the documents for the necessary approvals to the Department of Education of Georgia to issue the educational grant and student code. Issuing the confirmation of these documents in several cases is possible in 2 working days by paying 250 GEL, 6 working days with 120 GEL, 15 working days with 80 GEL and 30 working days with 40 GEL. After this stage, a pre-invoice for the payment of the whole or part of the tuition fee (according to the agreement with the desired school) will be issued, and after its payment, the final school contract will be ready and signed by the parents, and at this stage, a certificate of employment can be requested from the school. It is the main document for obtaining Georgia study residency for students.

Georgia Residence by study in schools

The important point is that the stage of preparation of documents and its approval by the Ministry of Education of Georgia is done only for the first year, and in the following years, only depositing the money and signing the contract is enough for registration. After receiving the employment certificate, we go to the Public Utilities Office with a lawyer and apply for Georgia study residency for students. The answer to this Georgia residence request will be prepared in 3 modes, 30 days, 20 days and 10 days, by paying 300 GEL, 450 GEL and 600 GEL, respectively. After the residence answer is prepared, we will again go to the immigration office with a lawyer and request for the issuance of a residence card, and the card will be ready after 10 working days. After obtaining Georgia study residence for students, parents can also register their residence application by submitting complete documents.

Frequently asked questions about Georgia Residence by study in schools

1 How long does it take for students to complete documents for student residence permit for schools in Georgia?

It takes about three working days to complete the documents

2 If there are less than forty days left of the visa, how do you apply for a student residence permit in Georgia?

One solution is to apply for a visa for a period of time from the immigration office, the other way is to leave the country and return.

3 Can parents obtain residency in Georgia?

Yes, parents can also apply for residency, if the child obtained residency by studying in Georgia.

4 Is it possible to attend school without the approval of the Ministry of Education?

No, student data is required to be registered with the Ministry of Education in order to obtain the student code.

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