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Georgia Weather

georgia Weather

Georgia Weather

Georgia is known for its mild and temperate climate. In terms of Georgia weather this country is one of the four seasons. At the same time, you can enjoy the summer weather by the Black Sea and watch the growth of fresh grass and spring flowers on the slopes of the mountains, and ski a little further in the heights of the Caucasus Mountains. Georgia's climate is affected by subtropical and continental climates. The presence of the Caucasus Mountains as well as the existence of the Black Sea has created different climates from cold and dry to hot and temperate rain. (Four areas)

georgia Weather

This photo is a map of the dispersion of Georgia's four climatic regions

georgia Weather

This photo shows the average rainfall, maximum and lowest temperatures in different months of the year

Most parts of Georgia are mountainous and because of this, we will see snowy winters and pleasant springs and summers in this country. In coastal areas, the weather is milder, but in general, each season has its own temperature. The warmest month of August with a positive temperature of 33 degrees Celsius and the coldest month of January with a negative temperature of 1 degrees Celsius. The highest rainfall in Georgia is May, and the lowest month is January. These temperatures and rainfall are related to meteorological stations in the city center. If the temperature in all mountainous regions of Georgia in winter can reach minus 16 degrees Celsius. we hope that you enjoyed from this article abour Georgia weather.

Frequently asked questions about georgia Weather

1 Is Georgia a country of 4 seasons?

Yes, Georgia's climate is one of the four seasons.

2 Which month of the year is the warmest year for Georgia?

August with a positive temperature of 33 degrees Celsius.

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