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GreenHill Project

About company:

Green Hill Company is one of the most reputable mass production companies in Georgia, which in cooperation and partnership with reputable Georgian banks is building a multi-purpose complex in a clean and cozy environment in Tbilisi, which according to the planning and design Is different from most projects in Tbilisi. The project with an area of ​​33,500 square meters, has various commercial, residential, recreational and sports sectors for adults and children in accordance with European standards. The "GreenHill" project has many benefits that will have a positive impact on the daily lives of residents.

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completed Project:

The completed section consists of four blocks. Construction of this section, which includes 4 blocks, began in 2016 and was completed in 2019. Block 1 is a 24-storey tower, the first 8 floors of which are office and the other floors are completely residential. Blocks 2, 3 and 4 consist of 14 floors which are completely residential. People live in these blocks and use all the facilities of the complex.

under construction project:

The construction section of the complex is 80 meters away from the first section. This section started in 2019 and will end at the end of 2021. Each unit in the complex has a unique plan. Based on this, the buyer can buy his unit according to the budget and personal interests and decorate and repair it according to his taste. The second part consists of four blocks. The fourth block is entirely dedicated to administrative units. Blocks 1 and 3 will have nine floors, block 2 will have eleven floors and block 4 will have six floors. .

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Project features and facilities

  • 1

    - All the entrances of the blocks have two separate elevators for cargo (1050 kg) and passenger (800 kg) with high quality.

  • 2

    The decoration of all the entrances of the complex is designed and executed with special taste and according to the standards of the world standard.

  • 3

    - The whole area of ​​the complex and the commons are cleaned every day, and thanks to the green space in the complex, the residents spend their leisure time well.

  • 4

    - All corridors and common areas will be illuminated by low-consumption LEDs.

  • 5

    -Green Hill Complex is also known for its build quality and safety. There is a fire extinguisher on all floors.

  • 6

    -- It should be noted that the distance and number of floors of the completed section from the first to the second section that is under construction has been selected in such a way that all units of the complex have their own vision without disturbing other units.

  • 7

    - Thanks to 24-hour security and the presence of CCTV cameras, residents feel very safe.

  • 8

    - Separate water pumps will be provided for all blocks.

  • 9

    - The stairs will all have metal railings.

  • 10

    - All entrances to the complex will meet special conditions for the entry of people with disabilities

  • 11

    - The walls and stairs are all covered with stone.

greenhill residence in tbilisi

Residents of Green Hill Complex will be able to use the sun, spa and relaxation facilities, swimming pool and gym without leaving the complex. By the end of 2021, 2,700 square meters will be opened on three floors: a spa, a gym, a 25-meter pool, a children's pool and a coffee shop. The pool will be an indoor complex, but there will be a large balcony for sunbathing next to the pool for residents. In this balcony, very pleasant weather and a very beautiful and endless view of Tskneti region and Napetvrebi mountains can be seen and used. Designing and building this sports space in the heart of nature and calm environment has been the best way for users to have a better and more enjoyable rest. Another feature of this project, which shows that it is modern, is that there are special places for charging electric cars in this complex. Sports fields: In this complex, special attention has been paid to sports facilities and in the complex, a large and professional football and basketball field has been designed for the use and welfare of the residents.

Green Hill values ​​the leisure and well-being of its residents. Therefore, the company has planned a 5,000-meter green space for children to play, ride bicycles and playgrounds. In this green space and playground, while children are playing with their friends, parents can rest safely with them. Green Hill attaches great importance to green space and the development of the urban environment. Therefore, 10,000 square meters has been considered for the construction of green space, playgrounds and walking and cycling paths in its new project.

project plan for greenhill residence
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Project location: Green Hill project is located at the end of Daneshgah Street, overlooking the lush hills of the Tskneti district, in the Saburtalo district of Tbilisi.Prices and payment methods: Unit prices range from $ 1,000 to $ 1,400 per square meter, depending on the floor and landscape. Depending on the buyer's choice, the units will be delivered to them from half-finished (white frame) to finished, which will naturally have different prices.

Payment is done in two ways: - Domestic loan without interest for buyers of units of this complex, depending on the selected unit (floor and area) is 70% of the value of the property. The repayment period of these loans is until the end of the project. - Another type of installment purchase of Green Hill complex units is receiving loans from banks that are parties to the contract with the company. The repayment of these loans is long-term and depends on the conditions of the bank. The down payment in this case is 30% of the unit price.

project plan for greenhill residence
Area and plans of apartments: The area of ​​the complex units is from 58 square meters to 160 square meters. Also in the second part, there are units with large terraces that will be between 500 and 600 square meters. Examples of maps are as follows:
project plan for greenhill residence
project plan for greenhill residence
project plan for greenhill residence
project plan for greenhill residence
project plan for greenhill residence
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