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Immigration to Georgia

Immigration to Georgia

Immigration to Georgia

These days, due to the world conditions, many people want to immigrate to another country. To immigrate to any country, you must first get acquainted with the methods that can be immigrated there legally, as well as the pros and cons of each. Immigrating to Georgia is no exception, and you should be familiar with all the ways to immigrate to Georgia and its pros and cons. Before you start talking about migrating to Georgia, it is important to know what your purpose is for migrating, because if you do not define this goal at first, after the initial pressures that are usually placed on each person in the first months of migration, You will be confused that this is a very bad thing. So be sure to set your goal of migrating to Georgia or any country so that you can go on your way with energy and not go astray.


Ways to immigrate to Georgia

Immigrating to Georgia by buying property

This method is one of the most popular ways to immigrate to Georgia because it is very cheap in terms of cost of living and when there are no rental costs and the property you live in is for you and only Current expenses require money In addition to the possibility of generating income in the country itself, it is even possible to provide living expenses from the country of origin (the country from which you emigrate) and this country is a great place to spend It is a period of retirement and rest.

Many people who have enough money to buy a property worth at least one hundred thousand US dollars choose this method to immigrate to Georgia.

There is another type of immigration to Georgia with the purchase of real estate, which is permanent, and you can get permanent residence in this country by buying property worth at least three hundred thousand US dollars, which is usually people who intend to immigrate to Georgia long They have the time and can afford this amount of property purchase. They welcome this method a lot because with this amount they can buy several properties and rent them to cover their living expenses so that they do not need to provide money. Not from another place.

Immigration to Georgia
Immigration to Georgia

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Immigration to Georgia

Immigration to Georgia through work (employee):

This method of migrating to Georgia is generally liked by people who intend to migrate as employees or workers, and in general it can be said that they are looking for a lower cost of immigration, but you should keep in mind that this method is very difficult. Wetter and more risky than other methods that we will explain below. First of all, regarding the relevant law on immigration to Georgia through work, it must be said that in order to apply for this residency, you must meet the conditions to work in a company that has a income of fifty thousand Georgian lari per year approved by the tax office. Also, your salary should be at least about 1,200 GEL, including taxes.

The main reasons why it is difficult to immigrate to Georgia through work (employee) is that fewer companies have the necessary conditions to receive this residence, and also in this way, in addition to living expenses, you also have to bear the costs related to renting a house. It should be noted that in Georgia the salary of an employee or worker is low, which we will explain below, which is one of the reasons for the need to invest in Georgia.

Immigration to Georgia through starting a business

According to global statistics and reports, Georgia is concerned with issues such as low staff salaries, low energy costs, favorable tax conditions, ease of starting a business in a healthy administrative and administrative system, and international trade relations. Appropriate politics and dozens of other reasons have attracted a lot of attention from foreign investors, prompting them to consider migrating to Georgia./p>

As an employee of your company, as described above, you can apply for a residence permit if you meet the conditions and obtain temporary residence in this country, and there is another way for people who have more capital and long-term vision. They can benefit from immigration to Georgia. Foreigners can obtain permanent residency if they invest 300,000 US dollars in Georgia.

Immigration to Georgia

The main advantage of this method of immigration to Georgia is that in addition to temporarily or permanently obtaining residence in this country, you can also earn money, but it is important to note that this method of starting to immigrate to any It is not a good way because you enter an investment in a country without knowing enough about its conditions and you need to do research and investigation, and it is always suggested to friends that by buying property or studying Get a residency and invest after an initial review with an open mind.

Georgia immigration policy

migration to Georgia through education

It is easy to say that the cheapest and easiest way to immigrate to Georgia is through education. According to the law, foreigners studying in educational institutions approved by the Ministry of Education of Georgia can obtain residency in this country. It does not matter if the training center is a school or a university, you can get residency in this country after registering. The positive point of this method of immigration to Georgia is that it is cheap and easy because the cost of studying in Georgia is very cheap. But the downside of this method of immigrating to Georgia is that you can not count the years you have studied as part of your residency.

migration to Georgia through marriage

If a foreigner marries a Georgian citizen, he / she can obtain a residence permit in Georgia, it does not matter if the woman marries or dies. From the very beginning, one can apply for permanent residence, and depending on the type, it is one of the most popular ways to immigrate to Georgia.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions about migrating to Georgia after reading this, our colleagues are ready to provide you with a free consultation. Also, remember that for more information on how to obtain a residence permit in Georgia, See other sections of the site.

Frequently Asked Questions About migration to Georgia

1Is living in Georgia expensive?

This country is very cheap in terms of cost of living and if you have a house, you will only need money for daily living.

What is the most common way to migrate to Georgia for employees and workers?

Migration to Georgia through work (employee) is a common method for workers and employees who want to immigrate to Georgia at the lowest cost, but this method has many difficulties and risks.

3 What is the cheapest and easiest way to immigrate to Georgia?

Immigrating to Georgia through education.

4 Is it possible to immigrate to Georgia through marriage?

Yes, a foreigner can obtain residence in Georgia by marrying a Georgian citizen, male or female.


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