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International marriage in Georgia

International marriage in Georgia

International marriage in Georgia

Many people are looking to register a marriage in Georgia because it is very easy to register an international marriage in Georgia and its cost is very little, if you are looking for a international marriage in Georgia, we hope you will use this article where you are about documents and conditions

Steps to register an international marriage in Georgia

both, the bride or the groom, goes to the public services office with a lawyer and, at the same time of submitting the documents, applies for a marriage date, which can be from one day to two months from the application, then at the appointed time, they go to the office Public services and they sign the marriage contract, the marriage contract is prepared on the spot and handed over to the spouses. Individuals who intend to officially translate their documents into other languages with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia so that they can officially use it anywhere in the world can receive this document on the same day

Why has Georgia become so popular for registering an international marriage?

  • 1To get married in Georgia, women do not need the written permission of their father.
  • 2Travel and accommodation in Georgia is relatively cheap.
  • 3There is no such thing as a premarital test in Georgia.
  • 4It is possible to do all the marriage registration to get the apostille translated documents (from zero to one hundred) in less than 3 working days.
  • 5Registration of marriage in Georgia is not subject to a wedding celebration.
  • 6To register a marriage in Georgia, you do not need a celibacy certificate and identity card, and you can register your marriage only with passport or travel document.
  • 7Marriages registered in Georgia are completely international and accepted by all countries of the world.
Company registration in Georgia

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Documents required for registering a marriage in Georgia

  • 1 The presence of the bride and groom who are legally present in Georgia
  • 2 Two witnesses are legally present in Georgia
  • 3 Translating the passport of the bride, groom and witnesses into Georgian (if you have a residence card, there is no need to translate your passport)

Marriage registration laws in Georgia

  • 1 To register a marriage in Georgia, the couple must be at least 18 years old.
  • 2 Both parties must be completely satisfied with their marriage.
  • 3 The marriage must take place at the place of marriage, in one of the cities of Georgia.
  • 4 In Georgia, it is not possible to marry homosexuals or to marry an incestuous woman.
  • 5 Identity documents are required to register a marriage in Georgia. Georgians are required to present an ID card and non-Georgians must present their passport.
  • 6 People residing in Georgia can register their marriage using an ID card.
  • 7 In order to register a marriage in Georgia, the presence of two Georgian witnesses or two witnesses holding a Georgian residence card is required.

Important Things to Know About Marriage in Georgia

If one of the parties is a Georgian spouse, the non-Georgian person, after three years from the time of his / her marriage, can turn his / her temporary residence into permanent residence while providing the necessary documents and evidence, and after 5 years it is possible. There will be conversion of this permanent residence to Georgian citizenship.

Formal marriage in Georgia is easily identifiable by the police, so it is advisable to avoid doing so separately. But if you have a child in the first 5 years of your marriage, the police will doubt that your marriage is formal.

Validity of marriage certificate in Georgia

The marriage certificate in Georgia is issued in Georgian and presented to the couple. But if you want to immigrate to other countries, you can translate it into the language of the destination country and use it. As mentioned earlier, marriage registration in Georgia is completely international and a party to the Apostille Agreement. (Apostille is a treaty according to which you can easily use the document you want by translating your personal documents into the languages of the countries that are parties to this treaty. Georgia has also been and is a party to the Apostille treaty.)

Note: If you are in a second marriage, it is necessary to submit a divorce certificate for the first marriage.

International marriage in Georgia is one of the services that you can benefit from with the help of experts from the sisno Group. The costs related to registering a international marriage in Georgia and the presence of two witnesses for marriage without an official translation are $100, and the official cost of translating documents approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is $200 if prepared on the same day.

We hope you enjoyed reading, and if you need a free consultation on how to register an international marriage in Georgia, our experts at sisno Group are ready to help

Frequently asked questions about International marriage in Georgia

1 Are marriage registration procedures complicated in Georgia?

No, the marriage registration process in Georgia is very easy and does not take much time.

2 Do you need a passport translated into Georgian to register a marriage in Georgia?

Yes, but if you have a residence card, you do not need to translate your passport.


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