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Introducing the neighborhoods of Tbilisi (Part 1 - Old Tbilisi)

Introducing the neighborhoods of Tbilisi (Part 1 - Old Tbilisi)

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a developing city. The city of Tbilisi is made up of different neighborhoods. The neighborhoods of this city can be divided into two parts: Old Tbilisi and New Tbilisi. In this article, we want to introduce the old neighborhoods of Tbilisi. Knowing the neighborhoods of Tbilisi can be very attractive for tourists and also very important for people who want to invest and buy property in Tbilisi. Introduction of Old Tbilisi Neighborhoods: Famous neighborhoods of Old Tbilisi include Abanotubani neighborhood (Ab Garmha neighborhood), Metatsminda neighborhood, Marjanishvili neighborhood and Aqmashenbeli street area, Avalabari old neighborhood.Old Abanotubani or Tbilisi neighborhood: Abanotubani neighborhood is a very old neighborhood in Tbilisi, which is located near the hot sulfur baths and next to the Kora River (the main river in Tbilisi). This neighborhood of Tbilisi has the most attractions in Tbilisi and the largest number of hotels and guesthouses are located in this neighborhood. Abanotubani neighborhood is an expensive and touristy neighborhood that makes renting a house for long-term residence in this neighborhood a little difficult.

Metasminda neighborhood: This neighborhood is also one of the quiet and old neighborhoods of Tbilisi, which is located near the Metasminda hill. One of the famous attractions of this neighborhood is the Metasminda Park and the Tbilisi Funicular Park (the old city cable car in the shape of a train rising from the mountain), which is located on top of the Metasminda hill. This neighborhood of Tbilisi is above Rustaveli Street or behind the Tbilisi Parliament. MarjanIshvili neighborhood: This neighborhood is one of the old neighborhoods of the city, which has been reconstructed in the same way as the old architecture of the city in order to become one of the most attractive neighborhoods of the city with its beauty. The neighborhood is full of East Asian, Turkish, Georgian, Indian, Arabic and Persian international restaurants. Marjan Ishvili neighborhood is also known as one of the most stylish and expensive neighborhoods for trade in Tbilisi due to its tourist location. The famous Agmashenbeli Street, which is a very beautiful cobbled street, is located in the Marjanishvili neighborhood. The famous Fabrica Hostel is also located in the Marjanishvili neighborhood, near the Marjanishvili metro. Avlabari neighborhood: This neighborhood is one of the old neighborhoods of Tbilisi, which is located after Rike Park in Tbilisi and next to Abanotubani neighborhood of Tbilisi. The most important Georgian Orthodox Church is located in this neighborhood of Tbilisi. Samba Trinity Church is Tbilisi Cathedral in the Avlabari district of Tbilisi. This neighborhood is also one of the most popular tourist neighborhoods in the city and finding a long-term residence in it is very difficult and costly.

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