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Introducing the neighborhoods of Tbilisi (Part 2 - New Tbilisi)

Introducing the neighborhoods of Tbilisi (Part 2 - New Tbilisi)

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a developing city. The city is made up of different neighborhoods, but in general, its neighborhoods can be divided into two main parts: Old Tbilisi and New Tbilisi..

In the previous articles, we briefly introduced the old neighborhoods of Tbilisi, and in this article, we want to briefly introduce the new neighborhoods of Tbilisi. Getting to know the neighborhoods of Tbilisi can be very attractive and important for tourists and people who want to invest and buy property in this city. Before introducing the new neighborhoods of Tbilisi, it is necessary to point out that the meaning of being new is about 100 years old, and the only difference between them is their historical antiquity, and the fact that according to the type of texture it can be built There are new construction projects as well as urban infrastructure, which distinguishes this area from old Tbilisi, most of which is considered an urban monument.

Saburtalo neighborhood: This neighborhood, which is one of the largest neighborhoods in New Tbilisi, can be called the commercial, administrative and educational center of the city, so it can be easily said that more than 70% of private and public universities, government offices and centers, universities The city's private companies and companies are located in this area, which has led to good progress and the desire for large-scale construction and apartment living in this area, making it one of the most luxurious and in-demand areas of the city. The main features of this area are the vastness and high density of public transportation services, including subways, buses, minibuses and city taxis. This large area consists of main streets such as Kazbegi, Vajapshawla, Nutsubidze, Peking, Sharatava, Kostava, Sandro Auli, Daneshgah Street and Nutsubidze Plateau, and new areas are being developed and built along its outskirts. Most of them are Diqumi, Didi Diqumi and Lisi Lake areas, which due to their marginality, the growth of villa houses has been more in them, and those who want to live in Saburtalo district of Tbilisi, and at the same time from houses Benefit villas are generally more inclined to this part of the city.

Vake neighborhood: This neighborhood, which is located next to Saburtalo neighborhood and their border is only a valley with a small river, is one of the most luxurious areas of the city next to Saburtalo neighborhood, but it is much smaller in terms of area. One of the pleasures of living in this area is walking on its main streets, which are covered with beautiful and water-filled wells as well as large trees and green heads, which can be a pleasant experience of walking alongside visiting and using the store. And the restaurants on the outskirts provide it for you. This area has a smaller share in the location of universities, public and private centers, and the main reason can be considered the lack of proper access to public transportation, as well as the difficult routes of some side streets and its more residential texture. This area consists of main streets such as Chachavadze, Abashidze, Keklidze and Bagbi, etc. The area is also adjacent to the Texan Mountains, where there are small residential areas made up of very luxurious villas with a view of the city of Tbilisi, and those who intend to live near Vake and prefer villa houses. They generally welcome areas well. In this area, you have a beautiful lake called Turtle Lake, which is surrounded by mountains and lush trees, and despite the cafes and restaurants along the lake, it provides an environment for walking and relaxing.

Ortachala neighborhood: This neighborhood, which is located in the opposite direction of Saburtalo and Vake and in the other part of Tbilisi, is exactly next to the old Tbilisi neighborhoods. This area is one of the growing areas of the city and is average in terms of price level and quality of life. Also, with the growth of population in this city, we are witnessing an increase in the transfer of government offices and centers to this area. Also, with a little research, you can easily see that with the increase in mass production as well as the construction of villas on its outskirts, it is moving in the direction that the Saburtalo region has already gone. One of the drawbacks of this area is the lack of metro lines, which the Tbilisi Municipality is solving, but in general, this area has a good breadth and density in public transportation services compared to other urban areas. This area is suitable for people who want to live in a newly built area with good access for a lower fee.

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