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Investment in Georgia

Investment in Georgia

Investment in Georgia

In recent years, the issue of investment in Georgia as a country with high potential has attracted the attention of many investors around the world. In this article, we try to provide information about the history, economic growth and foreign investment statistics. We provide you with economics, Georgia's international positions, as well as explanations about the reasons for investing in this country. How create good aconomy situation in this country. Remember that SisnoGroup experts are by your side at all stages of investment in Georgia.

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A Brief History of Georgia's Economic History and Foreign Investment in Georgia

After Georgia seceded from the Soviet Union in 1991, the country did not have the right economic conditions due to the ups and downs of economic and political processes and the lack of social security, but after the 2003 revolution, the country gradually began to provide Building economic infrastructure has flourished between 2006 and 2008, with foreign investment averaging $ 1.5 billion a year. The global economic crisis in 2008, as well as the war with Russia in the same year, weakened the economy to such an extent that foreign investment in Georgia fell to $ 600 million in 2009. However, as the country's efforts to advance economically and attract more and more foreign investors continue, the figure has resumed, especially since 2012, and the country has been able to raise money in 2019. Attract about $ 1.3 billion in foreign investment in various fields.

Introducing some important reasons for investment in Georgia

- Suitable geographical location: This country is a strategic region for transportation, being located between Eastern Europe and  Asia, as well as access to global open waters. It borders the Black Sea, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia and turkey. It is important to know that this country is located on the ancient Silk Road, which confirms this.

- Healthy and Corrupt Administrative System: According to global statistics, the Corruption Perceptions Index in 2019, Georgia has the healthiest administrative system among Eastern European and Asian countries, which provides security for investors.

investment in georgia

- Very low taxes: investment in Georgia has far fewer taxes than other European and Asian countries. In this country, the tax on imports of goods in customs is between 0 and 12 percent, corporate income tax for individuals and companies are 20 percent, VAT is 18 percent and property tax is a maximum of 1 percent. Georgia ranks ninth in the world in terms of tax revenue, according to the World Economic Forum, and is arguably a paradise for those looking to pay low taxes.

- Specialized and cheap labor: The country has a large number of young, talented and skilled workers who are often able to speak three languages: Georgian, Russian and English, and the interesting thing for investors is that the average salary and taxes and benefits pay. In this country, on average, it is between one-fifth and one-eighth of European countries and other major countries in the world.

- Easy access and low energy costs: Excessive access to water and electricity resources as well as easy access to gas is one of the advantages of this country. On the other hand, the cost of these energies in Georgia averages a quarter of European countries and major countries. This is very effective in the profits of the industry.

Introducing some important reasons for investing in Georgia

Which countries were the main investors in Georgia?

It is important to know which countries have the highest investment in Georgia, because given the ethnographic behavior of nations, it is possible to gain a good understanding of Georgia's international political behavior, relations, and positions. in 2019, the ten countries whose investors made the most investments in Georgia were the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, the United States, Panama, the Netherlands, Russia, China and Japan. It should be noted that the total foreign investment in Georgia in 2019 was $ 1.3 billion.

top fields chosen for investment in Georgia by foreigners

One of the important issues that helps the investor is to get information about the statistics of the sectors in which foreign investors make investition, because by studying these statistics, it is easy to choose the sectors that are welcomed, as well as pristine and identify the intact and investigate the possibility of its spread. these investments are in the areas of finance, energy, tourism (hotels, restaurants, etc.), construction, manufacturing, transportation, mining, communications, and so on, respectively. There have been identify the intact and investigate the possibility of its spread. 

about investment in Georgia
Georgia's economic position is based on statistics released by world-renowned organizations:

- According to the World Bank in 2019, Georgia is ranked sixth in the world in terms of proper investment and business conditions..

- According to the World Bank in 2019, Georgia ranks second in the world in the index of support for foreign investors.

- According to the World Innovation Organization in 2018, Georgia ranks second in the world in terms of ease of starting work..

-Georgia ranks seventh in the world in 2019, according to the Fraser Institute, which publishes the Global Free Trade Index..

- Georgia ranks first in Eastern Europe and Asia in 2019, according to the latest announcement by the World Justice Project..

- According to the World Bank in 2018, Georgia ranks ninth in the world in terms of administrative requirements.

Investment in Georgia

Frequently asked questions about investment in Georgia

1Is it possible to obtain residence in Georgia by investing in Georgia?

Yes, with an investment of 300 thousand dollars, you can get a residence permit in Georgia for yourself and your family

2Is investing in the construction sector in Georgia profitable?

Yes, one of the fastest growing investments in Georgia is to invest in the construction industry

3What is the investment tax in Georgia?

Taxes are very low in Georgia and much lower than in other European countries.

4What is the best investment in Georgia?

In the fields of finance, energy, tourism, construction, manufacturing and transportation

5Which countries were the main investors in Georgia in the last years?

United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, United States, Panama, Netherlands, Russia, China and Japan

6What are the main reasons for investing in Georgia?

Good geographical location, healthy and non-corrupt administrative system, very low taxes in Georgia, skilled labor, low energy costs in Georgia

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you need free advice on investment in Georgia and residence in Georgia, the experts of «Cisno Group» are proud to be by your side.


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