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Language in Georgia

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Language in Georgia

Official language of Georgia:

The official language of Georgia is Georgian. In Georgian, this language is called Kartuli, which is one of the ancient languages and has many dialects and has its own writing system. Georgian is divided into two groups: Eastern Georgian and Western Georgian. Apart from Georgia, Georgian is used in parts of Azerbaijan and northeastern Turkey. Although Georgia is part of the Caucasus region, Georgian is different from other common languages in the region. Georgian does not have a proposition and does not differentiate between genders in speech and writing. Emirti, Kartli, Adjara and Tash are some examples of common dialects in Georgian.

Other languages in Georgia

Official language of Georgia

Russian language :

The Russians are the largest group of immigrants in Georgia, and despite the large number of Russian-speaking people in the community, Russian has been widely used in the everyday conversations of these people in Georgia. Russian is mostly used by Russian immigrants and Georgians of the older generation. Be. In the former Soviet Union, communists mostly used Russian, especially in remote parts of Georgia. At that time, Russian was used as the country's second language and in some areas as its first language. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian language has become marginalized in Georgia, but the majority of Georgians still speak it, and it is easy to say that it is currently the second most common language in Georgia

russian language in georgia

Azeri language:

In fact, this language is the original and official language of the people and the country of Azerbaijan. It is a Turkish language used by the Azerbaijani Georgian community. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, people became more eager to learn Azeri than Russian. On the one hand, this growth and enthusiasm has been related to the increase in the migration of Azeri-speaking people to Georgia, and on the other hand, the negative political view of Russia.

english language in georgia

English language :

The number of English speakers in Georgia has increased significantly in the last two decades due to the enthusiasm of the people and the government, which has led to many reasons, including the growth of tourism and international interactions with English-speaking countries. The policy and goal of the Georgian government is to ensure that all children learn English well. For this reason, English has become one of the main and compulsory subjects in schools. The government has also hired English teachers to train native teachers in order to raise the level of English language teaching from English-speaking countries such as the United States and Canada. The government's goal is to establish English as the second language of its country in a few years, and English will be able to take over the Russian language in society, which has been successful so far because the younger generation has mastered it. They have a good language.