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Cost of living in Georgia

It should be noted at the outset that it is difficult to provide accurate calculations for the cost of living in any country because people's lifestyles and costs vary. But in this article, we will do our best to provide you with examples to calculate the cost of living in Georgia. Therefore, we divide the expenses of the Kurds into different categories and announce these rates based on Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia). We hope you find this article useful if you are planning to stay in Georgia.

Cost of living in Georgia

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Shipping costs:

  • 1Urban taxi: 5 lari for short routes, 8 lari for medium routes and 12 lari for long routes
  • 2Internet taxi: 3.5 lari for short routes, 7 lari for medium routes and 10 lari for long routes
  • 3City buses: 50 tetri (0.5 lari) for each ride
  • 4Underground subway: 50 tetri (0.5 lari) for each ride

Fuel costs of vehicles:

  • 1Ordinary gasoline: an average of 2.6 lari per liter
  • 2Super gasoline: 2.8 lari on average per liter
  • 3Diesel: Average 1.8 lari per liter

Home fuel costs:

For the average cost of a house, we calculate sixty to seventy meters.

  • 1 Gas: About 100 lari per month in cold seasons and about 40 lari per month in hot seasons
  • 2Electricity: about 30 lari per month in cold seasons and about 60 lari per month in hot seasons
  • 3Water: About 5 lari per month
  • 4Urban services: about 3 lari per month

Building costs:

In this country, instead of receiving a monthly charge, they generally use devices in the elevator that need to be charged in order to use the elevator. Generally, the monthly charge rate between 15 and 30 lari depends on the quality and service of the building. The advantage of this system is that those who want to escape or misbehave in charging their payments are doomed not to use the elevator and it is also very good in terms of security because only their residents or guests can use the elevator.

Food costs:

The main difference between people's lifestyles is that they play the biggest role. Note: All the goods listed below have been selected from the best global brands with the highest quality and at the price of reputable chain stores.

  • 1 500 grams of cheese: 5 lari
  • 2200 grams of edible butter: 2 lari
  • 31 liter milk: 3 lari
  • 41 liter of mineral water: 1 lari
  • 5A packet of lavash bread (7 pieces): 1.5 lari
  • 6Rice 1 kg: 3 Larry
  • 71 liter oil: 3 lari
  • 8400 g tuna: 4 lari
  • 9Cucumber 500 g: 5 Lari
  • 101 liter drink: 1.5 Lari
  • 115 kg tomato paste: 5 lari
  • 1215 eggs: 5 lari
  • 131 liter of juice: 3 lari
  • 14Large chips: 3 lari
  • 15Beef 1 kg: 18 Lari
  • 16Sheep 1 kg: 20 lari
  • 17Fresh chicken 1 kg: 7 Lari
  • 18Seasonal fruits 1 kg: 4 Lari
  • 19Onion 1 kg: 2 Lari
  • 201 kg of potatoes: 1 lari
  • 211 kg of tomatoes / cucumbers: 3 lari

Rental costs:

We explain the cost of renting a house in four situations: suite, one bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedrooms in good, medium and weak areas on a monthly basis.

Weak area (rate in dollars): Suite 100 to 150 - One bedroom 150 to 250 - Two bedrooms 250 to 350 - Three bedrooms 350 and above

Average area (rate in dollars): Suite 150 to 200 - one bedroom 200 to 300 - two bedrooms 300 to 400 - three bedrooms $ 400 up

Good area (rate in dollars): Suite 200 to 250 - One bedroom 250 to 400 - Two bedrooms 400 to 600 - Three bedrooms $ 600 and up

Restaurant and coffee shop costs:

We announce this part on average in three levels of luxury restaurant, good and medium for two food presses and desserts and drinks for two people. 80 Lari luxury restaurant, 50 Lari good restaurant, 30 Lari average restaurant

Clothing cost:

In this section, there is a price difference according to the clothing brand, the announced prices are the average good European prices and cracks.

  • 1 Men's pants 20 - 40 Lari
  • 2Women's pants 20 - 40 Lari
  • 3Men's shirts 20 to 40 lari
  • 4Women's shirt 25 to 45 lari
  • 4Men's shoes 80 to 120 lari
  • 4Women's shoes 80 to 120 GEL
We hope you find this article useful. If you are planning to immigrate to Georgia and need free advice, our experts are by your side.