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M3 Project

M3 Project

M3 Project

About company:

For 15 years, M2 Company has gained a special place in the Georgian real estate market by using innovative and creative ideas. Georgia Capital Company, which owns 100% of this complex, has so far been able to build 11 buildings in Deliver about 3,000 units to buyers in different parts of Tbilisi. In 2019, the company has started to build a new project called M3 to deliver another 2,000 units to buyers in this project.

completed Project:

The company has been able to deliver about 10 successful projects and over 2500 residential units to its customers as one of the well-known builders in Georgia, Also, in many projects, such as Kazbegi project number 15, several floors have been provided to Ramada Hotels Group as a very luxurious hotel.

M3 Project
under construction project:

In 2019, the company began construction of the M3 project on Marshall Glovani Street. A project that will be constructed on 11.5 hectares of land. This project consists of 3 phases, the first phase of which will be delivered to customers by the end of 2021, the second phase by the end of 2023 and the third phase by the end of 2024. Phase one, which includes 391 apartments, is almost completely pre-sold, and the second phase, with 562 apartments, is almost 80% sold. Now, the company has started pre-selling the third phase of the project, which due to the welcome of the first phases and The second phase will also sell out quickly. The construction of phases one and two is underway with a progress of over 50% and the construction of the third phase will begin soon.

M3 Project
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Project features and facilities

  • 1- 4 hectares of very beautiful landscaped recreation area
  • 2 - Modern schools and kindergartens
  • 3 - Underground parking
  • 4 - Children's playground
  • 5 - Sports fields for adults
  • 6- Special cycling routes
    • 7Gym
    • 8 - Indoor pools
    • 9 - Parking and lobby for guests
    • 10- Cleaning the yard, elevators, corridors and maintenance of green space
    • 11- In phases one and two, all units will be delivered as completed, but in the third phase of the project, it is possible to purchase completed or whitewashed, depending on your request.
M3 Project

The design and construction of this project has been done in collaboration with ZGF Company, which has provided all the criteria for a luxurious life along with recreational, educational and cultural facilities for the residents. In the units completed by the company, all kitchen appliances such as cabinets, gas, electric oven and ventilator will be installed.

The company is also responsible for installing doors, completing toilets, painting walls and installing radiators. In the whitewashed mode, all the work related to whitewashing the walls, basic plumbing, installing the main electrical wires as well as the entrance door will be done.

M3 Project

Project location: This project is located on Marshal Glovani Street in the Saburtalo area of ​​Tbilisi, which is one of the pleasant climates of the city. The approximate distance to Tbilisi International Airport is 30 minutes and to the old city center and Tbilisi Freedom Square is 15 minutes.

- Prices in this project for completed units range from $ 1125 to $ 1,250 per square meter, depending on the floor and type of view of the units to the outside space. - For units sold in the whitewashed stage, the price is between $ 661 and $ 970 per square meter, which varies depending on the type of view and floor.

M3 Project

payment methods:

Due to the unparalleled welcome of buyers from this company and despite the very easy payment terms, the third phase is expected to be sold quickly to other phases. - If you buy in cash, you can benefit from the company's excellent discounts. - You can become the owner of your dream house by paying only 10% as an advance payment and the rest until the end of the construction operation on a monthly basis and with interest-free installments.

Area and plans of apartments: In this project, there are apartments from 45 square meters to 125 square meters.

M3 Project
M3 Project
M3 Project
M3 construction
M3 construction

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