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property in Georgia

Property in Georgia

If you want to fulfill all real estate affairs including buying, selling, mortgaging and renting any kind of Property in Georgia, including land, villas, apartments, commercial and office, you can use this part and get useful information about Property in Georgia. Also you can use free Consultant from our real estate experts and hope that you can choose the best.

Property in Georgia

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Investment in Georgia

Investment in Georgia

If you are planning to invest abroad, the issue of investment in Georgia as a country with high potential as well as excellent social and economic security has come to the attention of many investors around the world in recent years. To do this, you need the right information and the support of a good consulting team. On this site you can get good information about invest in Georgia with reading articles and you can use free consutant about Investment in Georgia from our experts.

Investment in Georgia

if you are interested about Investment in Georgia and you want to know more information about economical statistics and also you want to know more about requirements for starting Investment in georgia or you want to read about most popular and profitable industries for Investment in Georgia, we can offer you to read articles in our website and if you need more information we are here to give you free consultant

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Georgia Residence Permit by buying Property

By buying Property in Georgia worth only one hundred thousand US dollars, in addition to a safe foreign exchange investment, you can easily and in less than twenty days get a Georgia Residence Permit for yourself and all your family members and enjoy freedom, peace, security

Study in Georgia

Residence permit in Georgia with company registration

In Georgia, people who start a business and register a company can apply for a residence permit in Georgia by observing the conditions. You can read the conditions for obtaining this type of residence on this page.

Work in Georgia

Georgia Residence Permit By Work

To get a work permit from Georgia, you must work in a company(others or your own company) which can have conditions and with preparing documents you can apply and get Georgia Residence easily and after that apply for your family memebers.

Residence permit to study in Georgia for undergraduate students

Obtaining a study permit is one of the easiest ways to obtain a residence permit in Georgia. Students can obtain residency in Georgia of less than 20 days for themselves and their family members.

Residence permit to study in Georgia for school students

According to the Georgia Fund, students attending schools approved by the Georgian Ministry of Education can obtain Georgian residency for themselves and their parents.

Georgia citizenship permit

One of the most important issues in immigration to Georgia is obtaining information about obtaining citizenship and Georgian citizenship. By reading this text, you can learn how to obtain citizenship for people who reside in Georgia.

Permanent residence permit in Georgia with the purchase of property

If you are planning to purchase permanent residence in Georgia, you can purchase permanent residence in Georgia for all of your family members by purchasing a property with a value of at least $ 300,000 USD.

Permanent residence permit in Georgia with investment

By investing US $ 300,000 in commercial and economic activities in Georgia, you can obtain permanent residence in Georgia for the whole family and enjoy all living facilities in Georgia.