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Georgia Residence Permit by Study in University

Georgia Residence Permit by Study in University

Georgia Residence Permit by Study in University

One way to get residence permit in Georgia is to study at Georgian universities

Anyone who studying at centers approved by the Georgian Ministry of Education can receive temporary residence in Georgia by study in University during their studies. Student get benefit from a similar type of accommodation, but differ slightly in the steps and documentation, which we will discuss below.

These days there is an increase in the number of foreign students, so that in the last five years the number of foreign students has quadrupled, so it is better to answer the question why choose Georgian universities to study?

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Advantages of study in Georgia

● High quality educational level of Georgian universities in accordance with modern European standards

● International certificate approved by European countries, USA, Canada and Australia

Advantages of studying at Georgian universities

● Quick and easy student visa

● Very high social security (sixth safest tourist destination in the world)

● Get student visa quickly and easily

● Internationalization of universities and joint relations with the most prestigious universities in the world

● Large numbers of international students in Georgia

● No obligation to have a TOEFL or IELTS degree (student must be fluent in English)

Georgian universities are structurally divided into public and private. Only students who have passed the national exams can enroll in a reputable public higher education institution based on a ranking of the scores obtained in these exams. It is not effective for foreign students who intend to continue their studies in Georgia (of course, foreign students who have completed their secondary education in Georgia and are fluent in Georgian can take the exam and enroll in these universities as well). Education for foreign students in Georgia is in English, and each university offers a number of courses in English for foreign students. Due to the fourfold increase in the number of foreign students in the past five years, the country's universities they are trying to increase the number of courses in English. It should be noted that the country had only 4,000 foreign students in the 2013-2012 academic year, but in 2018-2018 this number reached more than 12,000 students. This statistic shows the increasing quality of education in this country.

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The average tuition fee at Georgian universities at various levels (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral) averages between $ 4,000 and $ 7,000 per academic year, depending on the university, major, and degree. Each academic year consists of two semesters, one of which is the fall semester (approximately September to January) and the other is the spring semester (approximately February to June)

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Full introduction to Georgian universities

(majors and tuition)

For living expenses for a student, renting a suite or a small one-bedroom apartment in Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) in the best area of the city and near the universities is between $ 250 and $ 350. The student, including energy, food, transportation, etc., including a good cost, is between $ 250 and $ 350 per month.

living expenses for student

Current living expenses in Georgia

Required documents for university registration

  • 1

    Passport translation into Georgian (produced in Georgia)

  • 2

    Translation of the latest degree

  • 3

    Translate the transcripts of the last academic year

  • 4

    Completing the registration form (done by our experts)

  • 5

    English language level interview (online and offline capability)

  • 6

    Payment of tuition

  • 7

    Completing the registration form residence

    • 8

      Presence of the applicant along with the original passport

    • 9

      police clearance certificate from passport isuued country

    • 10

      certificate from university

    • 11

      bank transaction report

    • 12

      Presence of the applicant along with the original passport

    • 13

      valid visa minimum 40 days

Registration process at Georgian universities:

After consulting with the experienced experts of SisnoGroup, we will go to the universities by making an appointment so that we can see the facilities of the university closely and be able to compare them with each other. After choosing the field and the university and preparing the application forms for admission to the university, which is done by our experts, it is time to translate and deliver the documents to the Ministry of Education of Georgia for approval and student code.It takes between 30 and 45 days to get the necessary approvals, after which the university issues a tuition bill. After paying the tuition fee, he goes to the university and a final contract is signed between the student and the university, after which the university can apply for a student certificate, which is the required document for obtaining a residence permit in Georgia by Study in University

Registration process at Georgian universities
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It should be noted that if you wish, you cannot be in Georgia until your student code has been issued, and our experts will do all the work for you, and you will only be able to pay the tuition and sign the contract and do the related work. Travel, which will eventually take 5 working days, travel to Georgia and then continue your stay in this country as a student. The process of obtaining a residence permit in Georgia After the documents have been completed and the relevant forms have been completed by the lawyers, we refer to the Public Services Department and register our residency application. After 20 days, we will receive 330 GEL and after 10 days we will receive 410 GEL. After receiving a positive answer, we return to the Public Services Department together with the company's lawyer to request the issuance of a card so that the residence card can be prepared after 10 working days. After receiving a residence permit in Georgia by Study in University, you can receive a residence permit for your spouse, children under the age of 18, and parents in Georgia.

Documents required to get Georgia residence by study in university for relatives

  • 1

    Form completed by lawyer

  • 2

    Passport translation into Georgian

  • 3

    The presence of the applicant along with the original passport

  • 4

    Certificate of affiliation with the holder of the residence issuing the passport

Don't forget that our colleagues at all stages, from counseling to registration and obtaining residency and doing all the basic tasks of life such as rent, insurance, etc. are with you.
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Frequently asked questions about Georgia Residence Permit by Study in University
1 Is it possible to attend in the country after the completion of the educational period for students?

No, Georgia residence is for students only credit only while you are studying in that country

2 What do we need to stay in Georgia after completing education?

You can change your residency to one of the other residency modes, such as buying real estate, work, company registration,....

3 Why should you submit a bank account report for Georgia residence for college students?

This evidence represents the student's ability to pay the minimum initial cost in this country

4 Is there any chance of working with study in Georgia for college students?

Yes, students can work without any problems in Georgia without restrictions or launch their business.

5 How Long Does He Complete Documents To Provide Georgia Student Residence Application?

The work of completing the documents takes about three days, and the student should submit the application quickly because only five days from entering the country must submit a residence application

6 Does residency in Georgia for university students have an impact on the process of receiving residency in other European and American countries?

Yes, this certainly affects the visa process for other countries.

If you have any questions after reading the text, our experts are ready to provide a free consultation.