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Some important points about signing a contract with a lawyer in Georgia to do legal work in this country

Some important points about signing a contract with a lawyer in Georgia to do legal work in this country

Remember that when a person enters a foreign country with one of the intentions to stay or invest in business, he always needs a lawyer because he can act as a lifeline for you in many things. And prevent large losses for you, especially if you intend to invest in the business of that country. Georgia is not out of the question like any other country, but important points are also important in choosing a lawyer in Georgia. Here are some of them:

1- Try to choose a lawyer with whom you have at least one common language, for example in Georgia there are lawyers who, in addition to Georgian, which is their mother language, can speak other languages ​​such as Russian, English, Turkish, etc. To speak.

2- Try to choose a lawyer in Georgia who has a fixed place of work and office, because this is one of the signs of the lawyer's stability and credibility.

3- Try to use a lawyer that at least once one of your friends or acquaintances has worked with them or a reputable institution and company represents them so that you have prior knowledge of the lawyer's chronology and knowledge.

4- One of the suitable ways to know a lawyer is to check the website and social media, which can be measured by examining the content and type of design and users' opinions and many other issues.

5- Before signing the  lawyer contract, be sure to translate it into the language you are fluent in with the approval of the official offices so that you can be informed of its terms and conditions and check it. It does not matter what language you are fluent in, Persian, Russian, English, Arabic or etc. Also remember to never sign any form without an official translation into the language you are fluent in.

6- Specify the amount, time and conditions of payment of the lawyer's fee in a transparent manner in your contract and be sure to specify in the contract whether this amount includes government payments or not.

7- If someone promises you to do your job through friendship and acquaintance with powerful people, or in some way talks about doing things illegally and through illegal relationships, we suggest that you do not do it in any way. Do not trust because experience has shown us that in Georgia the procedure for doing goods is legal and it ranks third in the world in a healthy administrative system.

So do not forget that having a lawyer in Georgia is very important and vital to advance your work. SisnoGroup Complex with experienced and professional lawyers in the field of residence in Georgiaregistration of companies in Georgia, investment in Georgia ready to provide services and Free advice to you dear ones.

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