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About company:

Terrassa Group entered the field of construction in Georgia with a completely different and innovative vision, because the company believed in addition to the quality and level of construction with international standards for environmental protection around the customers' homes. Among the works that have been done in this field is the design and construction of a very beautiful green space with unique vegetation on the fawn floors of the buildings. Roof has provided very beautiful gardens for the residents.

project in tbilisi
completed Project:

Relying on the high power of design and construction along with innovative European ideas in all buildings, Terrassa Company has been able to deliver 7 successful projects in the best parts of Tbilisi, such as: Old Tbilisi, Avlabari, Lisi Lake, Varkteli and Gildani to its customers. It should be noted that the Terrassa Group has delivered a total of 300 apartments to its customers in these projects, which indicates that they are committed and satisfy customers.

under construction project:

A unique project in one of the best climatic areas of Tbilisi (Sandro Euli Street), the construction of which is in progress, and where football, basketball and private parking lots are installed. Is a project in which despite 1000 meters of green space with beautiful vegetation, you can experience the best moments with your loved one. This project consists of 3 buildings, each of which has 21, 21 and 22 floors, respectively, with 6 apartments on each floor, also it must be mentioned that this project will deliver apartments fully renovated.

investment on property in georgia

Project features and facilities

  • 1

    - Flexible payment terms

  • 2

    - A wide range of apartments with different sizes and plans

  • 3

    - - Using high quality materials and compatible with the environment, which saves energy consumption

  • 4

    - A safe environment that gives you peace of mind with 24-hour security and CCTV cameras

  • 5

    - 1000 square meters of very beautiful green space with a unique design

  • 6

    - Children's playground

  • 7

    - Indoor and outdoor parking

  • 8

    - Design and interior porcelain wall based on the tastes of buyers

  • 9

    - Installation of commercial spaces in each building for use for supermarkets and pharmacies and other essential needs

  • 10

    - High quality elevators

  • 11

    - Existence of schools and restaurants, banks, supermarkets and other daily necessities near your place of residence

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greenhill residence in tbilisi

Terrassa company is very committed to time, so it has provided another opportunity for buyers to easily do interior design matters, you can easily see and check the catalogs as well as materials such as ceramics, cabinets, wall paints Or choose wallpapers and leave the executive operation to the terrace depending on your taste because this project will be delivered fully renovated. Most importantly, Terrassa Group always takes care of its customers, and for this reason, in this project, all the rules and requirements are met at the request of the Georgian government in the field of construction (Rule 41), which includes central fire extinguishing system, emergency stairs , Green space and so on.

project plan for greenhill residence

Project location: Terrassa Saburtalo is located in one of the best and most pleasant areas of Tbilisi, which features very easy access to public transport system such as metro and bus, very easy access to 24-hour chain stores such as Fresco and Very nice shopping malls like City Mall pointed out. The project is 40 minutes away from Tbilisi International Airport and about 20 minutes away from freedom Square.

project plan for greenhill residence

Prices :The price of units in this project varies from $ 935 to $ 1125 per square meter depending on the floor and type of view of each unit. payment methods: Terrassa company has provided the possibility of payment in installments for its buyers, you can pay 10% at the time of the contract, 40% at the same time as the construction and development of the project during 2 years on a monthly basis and the remaining 50% at the time of delivery to the owner of the dream apartment Be in Tbilisi yourself.

Area and plans of apartments: In this project, there are apartments from 39 square meters to 90 square meters. It should be mentioned that this project has very beautiful terraces.
project plan for greenhill residence
project plan for greenhill residence
project plan for greenhill residence
project plan for greenhill residence
project plan for greenhill residence
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