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Tourism Industry in Georgia

Tourism Industry in Georgia

Tourism Industry in Georgia

the tourism industry in Georgia is always one of the best and least risky investments in Georgia and has a special appeal for foreign investors in Georgia. In this article, we try to examine the reasons for these attractions of Tourism Industry in Georgia

Growth of the tourism industry in Georgia:

Tourism industry in Georgia growth began in 2009, shortly after the country's war with Russia and the global economic crisis in 2008, and has grown steeper since 2012, for a variety of reasons. The most important of these were the government's support for the tourism industry and the government's investment in attracting tourists from other countries, as well as increasing the level of social security in the community.

tourism industry in georgia
tourism industry in Georgia

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tourism in Georgia

Investment Opportunities of tourism industry in Georgia:

With a little research and study in this country, you can easily find out that the level of infrastructure and professional tourism facilities of this country does not correspond to the amount of incoming tourists and this country has many shortcomings in terms of tourism industry in Georgia infrastructure. Talking about this is very long and complicated, and you can take advantage of our investment in SisnoGroup to recognize these investment opportunities, but let's just explain here that the city of Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. The number of foreign tourists entering more than five million people a year and the country has only seven five-star hotels, and there are also many shortages in the number of good and medium four-star hotels. Or if we want to give you an example, we can mention that this city has a very weak aqua park. If you try once you will be sure, that this city deserves more. So the tourism industry in Georgia is untapped and you can easily enjoy by investing in opportunities of tourism industry in Georgia.

Tourism industry in Georgia

Reasons for attracting tourists to Georgia:

- Nature and climate of the four seasons: Georgia is one of the countries of the four seasons in terms of climate. At the same time, you can enjoy the summer weather by the Black Sea and watch the growth of fresh grass and spring flowers on the slopes of the mountains and ski a little further on the snow in the heights of the Caucasus Mountains. Now consider how effective this good weather situation can be in attracting for Tourism Industry in Georgia.

Tourism in georgia

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- Suitable geographical location: This country is located in the Eurasian region, close to many countries, including Asian and European countries, and it is also possible to travel to it in all three ways: sea, air and land. Another strength of this country is in the field of tourism.

- High social security: Georgia enjoys extraordinary conditions in terms of social security, and anyone who visits the country only once will be amazed by its tranquility and security. According to a global survey conducted in 2018, the country was selected as the sixth safest tourist destination in the world. High social security in Georgia, which makes it easier for tourists to travel, is one of the main factors attracting new Tourism Industry in Georgia, as well as an important factor for tourists who have visited the country before.

- Ancient, rich and unique culture: If you take a look at the Caucasus region, you will find that the countries of this region have a very ancient culture, of which Georgia is one of the main countries in the region and has its own unique culture. Although the country has been culturally invaded at various times in history by other countries, including the Mongols, Turks, Iranians, and Russians, they have tried to preserve their culture and still have their own Georgian language. They have their own beautiful local dances and their unique drinks and lovely food that is indescribable. This unique and beautiful culture has always been considered as one of the main factors in attracting tourists and this is one of main reasons for foreigners to invest in tourism industry in Georgia.

- Hospitality of the Georgian people: Hospitality is an integral part of the culture of the people in this country. Georgians consider guests as a kind of gift from God, and since they consider Tourism Industry in Georgia and travelers as guests of their country, they may even invite you to their home as tourists. In many parts of the world, people do not have good relations with tourists, but in Georgia there is so much respect and intimacy with tourists that we can say that the main reason for a tourist's return to Georgia is the hospitality and cordial treatment of the people of this country..

- Cheap travel to Georgia: Georgia is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world, which attracts more tourists from all walks of life. If we want to explain the cheapness to you, it is better To see an example, a full meal for one person, including appetizers, main course, dessert and a drink at a good restaurant on one of the most touristy streets in Tbilisi, costs about $ 20, so think about it. Compare with other tourist destinations in the world, you will find that this country is cheap as a tourist destination.

Our intention in presenting this brief article was to help you, dear ones interested in investing in Georgia, although we know that this issue requires a lot of research and investigation along with the benefit of a suitable consultant. If you need advice on investing in tourism industry in Georgia after reading this article, our experts are by your side with free advice.

Frequently asked questions about investing in tourism industry in Georgia
1 Is it possible to make a good investment in the tourism industry in Georgia by building elegant hotels?

Yes, construction and hotel management are investment opportunities in the tourism industry in Georgia

2 How does Georgia look like in terms of safety for tourists?

Georgia has an exceptional security situation and has been chosen as one of the safest countries in the world for tourism.

3 Are there many areas in Georgia to attract tourists?

Yes, Georgia has a good climate and at the same time you can enjoy the summer weather of the Black Sea even for skiing in the high mountains of the Caucasus.

4 Do Georgians welcome tourists in their country?

Hospitality is an integral part of the culture of the people of Georgia and they treat tourists in Georgia with respect and honesty.


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