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Want to know how a professional interior design team works?

Want to know how a professional interior design team works?
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It must have happened to you that you wanted to make a change in your work or living space and you are looking for a team of interior design experts. Therefore, in this article, we decided to tell you about the technical characteristics of a professional design team.

Emphasis on the principles and rules of work, budget management, planning and scheduling of the project, provides the conditions for successful implementation of the project based on the wishes and needs of the audience. Accurate analysis of space, including the size, shape and use of space are things that should be considered by the design team from the beginning.

Execution phase: The close communication of the members of a professional team with the audience in all stages of the project will create a coordinated process in the execution of the work. For each project, a complete package of information and data required by the audience, including design idea information to executive plans, tables for introducing usable materials, dimensions and sizes of all designed elements of the project and cost estimation table are required to be provided to the audience. .

The first stage, face-to-face consultation: Sisno Group experts will be present at the project site and in addition to familiarizing the audience with the mental framework and examining the space, will guide the client on the project implementation process.The second stage, size collection: In this stage, the plan preparation of the space and the collection of all its sizes by experts begins.

Third stage, idea generation: design ideas are prepared by specialized software to present to the employer. After that, the changes they want are applied to the design and the final design is obtained. Step 4, Project Estimation: The final design is reviewed by the technical team of Sisno Group and the tables for estimating the cost of its implementation are presented to the employer in detail, taking into account all the elements and materials considered. Last stage, project implementation: In this stage, the project is implemented with all the details stated in the design documents and the project will be delivered to the employer according to the agreed schedule.

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