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tax check machine


Tax Check Machine

If you have traveled to Georgia, you must have seen many times that after buying from any small and large store in any field, when you pay in cash, you will be given a small receipt from a machine-like device. The account is issued and on it the amount of your purchase and the name of the store and the time of purchase are listed. In Georgia, these receipts are called checks and are used to record the cash sales of businesses in the tax administration system. Having this device is mandatory for any business that has cash receipts because it is the only way to register cash sales, so if you intend to register a company and you are likely to receive cash, be sure to check the device, after registering the company and receiving the tax code.

tax check machine in georgia
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About registering a company in Georgia

These devices are connected to the tax administration system through GPRS technology, and the information is transferred to the tax administration system immediately after registering the amount and printing the receipt in the device. Many companies sell these devices, the price of which varies from 300 to 1,000 GEL in different models, and to connect it to the tax office, you have to pay about 120 GEL a year, which is what the companies selling the device do for you.

tax payer in georgia

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