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Why should buildings in Georgia be properly insulated?

Why should buildings in Georgia be properly insulated?

-If you have traveled to Georgia or live in this city, you may have encountered this problem: - Seeing fungus or mold on the walls in some buildings - Difficulty in heating the house in cold seasons or vice versa - Transmit neighbors' noise to your building

One way to get rid of these problems is to insulate the interior walls of the house, because in cold seasons, the temperature difference between inside and outside the building is high, and this causes mold to form in the building. In many cases, design and interior experts raise this issue with property owners, but due to their lack of knowledge, they refrain from doing this, which also causes some costs, and of course, they soon regret this. Why? They have to do it again and at a higher cost..

Also, due to the relatively high price of energy in Georgia, this saves at least 40% in energy costs, which is a very simple calculation that can be returned to a person in one year. Another benefit of this is the discussion of noise transmission, which is greatly reduced and provides a quiet environment for you at home.

To prevent these problems, you can use different insulation, the most common of which is knauf panels, which contain fiberglass insulation. Here, the cost of insulation per square meter of walls is announced on average. we do: Price per square meter of German knauf panel with fiberglass 18 lari Installation price per square meter with infrastructure for installation 8 lari

Now note that if your house is a 60-meter apartment, you will spend about 2,500 to 3,000 GEL for insulation. Imagine doing this to save 40% in energy costs and generally avoid damage. The color of the walls, wallpaper, as well as the entry and exit of any additional noise is prevented.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article, if after reading the above article you need free advice in the field of interior design and execution of the building, our colleagues are by your side by providing free advice.

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